Team.FM is the social collaboration channel and co-working hub

Built around micro-messaging

Built around micro-messaging

In it's core, Team.FM is the status-exchange platform. You send messages to the colleagues in your spaces, and they receive it instantly in their flows. You may reply to the messages from your guys, and your conversations will be organized into hierarchical threads. Team.FM makes its best to ensure the messages are getting required attention from your team mates by the means of unread counters.

Got embedded markup language

Got embedded markup language

As a conversational tool, Team.FM is designed to facilitate easy categorizing, grouping and addressing within the messages. It's achieved via #hashtags, [topics], and @mentions.

You can use the markup language in pretty much any input form in the system, the primary one being status entry on flow views.

Team.FM encourages teams to curate their group flows and categorize messages from others, thus creating the coherent structure of threads for future reference. This approach lets your build your knowledge base without the hassle.

In case you do get lost, there is full-text search, which works with markup too — it searches within the subcategories.

Amazingly real-time

Amazingly real-time

Team.FM is real-time from the ground up. It means that whenever two people look at the same page, the action of one will update the screen of the other in milliseconds. It's is very useful when you do your planning or discussions over the phone or group meeting, and everyone sees the changes by others with no delay and no need to reload the screen. Not to mention that this means your message exchange flows are always up to date.

Well, watch the video to get an idea of what we mean here...



Team.FM's core is under Apache 2 open-source license. Our open-source version is the flow application and has all markup and real-time goodness of it.

Like if that wasn't enough, Team.FM makes it easy to get all of your space's messages into an open-source copy of the app. You can always walk away with your data.

Tadagraph is the name of open-source code, to salut Team.FM's name while in beta and to remember that it is all started as simple status-exchange application in our belief that regular status exchange builds transparency for distributed teams and accounts for major part of success of such teams.

Go to demo | Get Tadagraph on GitHub

Customizable with apps from the marketplace

Customizable with apps from the marketplace

Many powerful features are delivered as additional apps, that you may install into your spaces. When you purchase an app, you also get a life-time license to use it in unlimited spaces you manage.

All apps are free to use and try in your personal space.

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Gives personal, projects, teams & locations spaces

Good for personal, projects, teams & locations uses

There are four types of spaces on Team.FM:

Personal space is for you only. It can be used for your personal GTD, as mini-CRM, or your incoming social stream.

Projects are the spaces where the real work happens. Invitation by project admin is required to join. You may join to as many projects as you can possibly handle.

Teams are web domain based. Anyone with email address will be able to join. If you're the contributor in a number of companies, you may opt-in to to participate in the social life of all of these domains. To become a team's admin, one need to pass the DNS check on domain ownership.

Geographical locations are for co-working places and shared offices. Find it on the map and check-in (or request to join for private locations).


Lets team follow teams

We all have friends, and so do our companies. Whether it's just the company whom we share the office space with, or it's our customers, or partners, or just a great band of professionals in the city.

Up until now, all social systems have put person-person relationship into the focus. We take it one step further - we let companies follow companies.

Each company ('team' in our terms) gets the public channel (ok, 'gazette' in our terms), with all the all interesting social pieces published from within team's internal flow of messages. It's one click approval process for the team admin to get it published to the world, customers, or potential hires. Broadcasting your team's life has never been this painless.

A team can follow another team on Team.FM. Just add your friends' or customers' company to your list, and all your employees will start receiving social vibes from that team.

If you're you want to follow the team individually, you can do it too.