Personal plan

Ninja (only you)


Apps included: all apps from the marketplace are free for personal use.

Pre-installed Apps: To-do Lists, Calendar for personal GTD, Contacts for personal CRM *

Project plans

Plan Projects Users Space Apps included



We are busy working on premium features for Teams & Locations.
All current apps, as well as the spaces itself will remain free for users and admins.

** except premium features

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All plans include:
  • SSL encryption
  • data backup
  • email support
  • all apps from your library may be installed/shared with all the projects you own
  • participation in any project, after invitation of its admin
  • export compatible with Team.FM open-source version
Pricing policy
  • all prices are USD
  • HST extra for Canadian customers
  • monthly billing is consolidated to the day of your first subscription. All other subscriptions are prorated, when activated
Application license

When you buy a plan, you will also get a license to the code of the apps included. You may use it as if you bought it from marketplace: e.g. install into as many projects as you want. You may also buy other apps from the marketplace.

* Personal CRM

Team.FM suggests social sharing of the contacts. If you be-friend a person and mutually share contacts, we will keep it in sync and also allow direct messaging, including broadcasting to a group of contacts.