What's Tadagraph

Everyone likes to see things, rather than read about them. Here at Tadagraph we are also visual people and prefer watching to reading or hearing.

We have created a short insightful video intro for Tadagraph, in which Sasha, our buzz man, will show what’s Tadagraph.

And with no further ado, please sit back, relax and see how you can start collaborating in a totally different new way with Tadagraph!

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About Team.FM

Team.FM is social collaboration platform for distributed team work based on open-source micro-blogging tool Tadagraph.

Team.FM gets projects done, ideas generated, teams united and active. You may use it alone or share with a group: get personal CRM & GTD or participate in a number of one-off projects, be a part of your company' s social live and presence or discover the networks around co-working spaces.

And the best part of it - Team.FM is mostly free to use. Check it out.

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