Team Spaces: Free Team Intranet with Tadagraph Micro-Messaging Way

What is a Teams Space?

Teams Space is a quick solution to create simple private knowledge sharing platform for your team. To set up a Team Space for your company all you need is a team’s custom email address.

Team Spaces, you’ll notice, are very similar to Project Spaces regarding navigation and functionality.

Teams Space

  1. Teams Space Bar — Quickly navigate between various teams your belong to. Notifications bubbles appear if a Team Space has unread updates.

  2. Applications/trends — We’ve included only Flow application into Team Spaces for now as it is all you need to share content and comfortably discuss anything.
    Please notice that hashtags behave in Team Spaces differently - they do not activate applications and actions like in Project Spaces, rather they are used to tag any message (yep, like on Twitter).

  3. Threads/Topics View — You can create topics withing Team Spaces as well to organize and curate content. Use vertical navigation to quickly view conversations in nested view via Threads and access the list of topics. You can favorite  topics and conversations for easy access.
    Read more about topics here

  4. Flow View — As Team Spaces have only one available application right now, Flow will be the default and only view in Team Spaces.

  5. User specific content — Quickly filter updates based on user who posted them.

  6. Team members — View team members and invite new users into the team by clicking + add new link. Enter the person’s email address you would like to join your Team Space and they’ll receive an email invitation from you.
    If a person with your team’s email domain joins after you’ve created the Team Space, they’ll be automatically added to your Team.

How to set up a Team Space?

>How to set up a Team Space

  1. Start by clicking + add new in the spaces selection bar;

  2. Select Team from the list;

  3. Enter your email team’s email address.
    Please note, general domain email addresses, e.g., will not work.

Once completed, we will send you a confirmation email. After clicking the confirmation link your Team Space will appear in the Spaces Bar.

Are Team Spaces private?

Yes, all information on Team Spaces is private and can only be accessed by the users of the same domain.

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