Projects Space: Free Project Management with Tadagraph Micro-Messaging Style

What is a Projects Space?

Projects Space is one of the spaces in Tadagraph. It helps to solve tasks of project management for distributed (virtual) or co-located teams.

Projects are based on natural conversation flow and focus on efficient and consistent communication among project members.

Projects Space has the following elements:

Projects Space

  1. Spaces bar;
  2. Applications / Hashtags widget;
  3. Threads & Topics Views;
  4. Specific application view;
  5. User zone. Gives specific filters & links for particular user;
  6. Project members / Add new member (by email or username).

1. Projects Space Bar

Spaces Bar lists all your active projects and shows notifications bubble if a project has unread updates. It allows you to switch between projects.

2. Applications / Hashtags

Any project has a set of applications to manage work efficiently. Each application functionality can be activated with the help of #hashtags directly from Tadagraph Updater.

Flow consists of all updates by members of the team in reverse chronological order. Use it to glance at what everyone is doing and stay updated with the project’s progress.

To-do application is a light weighted task management. You can create to-dos directly within the application view or use Tadagraph Updater.
Activation hashtag: #todo

Ideas application allows you to quickly brainstorm and vote for a certain idea.
Activation hashtag: #discuss

Notes application is a quick wiki-like instrument to store documents, notes, code, etc.
Activation hashtag: #note

Read more about applications here

3. Threads & Topics Views

Use vertical navigation to quickly view conversations in nested view via Threads and access the list of topics. You can favorite  topics and conversations for easy access.

Read more about topics here

4. Application view

This area will change with relevant content for each application. Flow is the default view for all Spaces.

5. User zone and Project Settings

Use @username link to quickly switch between members’ updates.

Starred filter allows you to see all the content you have favorited.

My Calendar view is a great way to stay on top of your to-dos. You can also grab iCal links to sync your calendar with to-dos with external applications.

Click Manage to access project settings.

6. Project members

Project members shows a list of team members. Use it to quickly figure out a nickname to mention a particular user.

You can also add members to the project by clicking +add new link.

What applications are available for projects?

For the launch we have rolled out 3 initial applications we believe are of the utmost importance for successful project management, collaboration and getting things done:

  • To-do
  • Ideas
  • Notes

Read more about application here

We will be adding new applications rapidly. Time-tracking is work in progress and be available soon. Source repositories (Mercurial or Git) as well as staging servers will be added quickly as well.

Note: We’re still working on details of our pricing model, but from where we stand right now, we’re set to go with freemium module, where basic space is available for free, and the apps marketplace generates the revenue.

How to manage projects and members?

You can access project settings page by clicking Manage link in User specific content and Project Settings widget or follow

How to manage projects and members

On the Projects Manage page you can see:

  • Active projects;
  • Suspended projects;
  • Members of every project;
  • Carry out project specific actions.

If you are a project administrator you can:

  • Rename projects;
  • Suspend/activate projects;
  • Assign user roles;
  • Add/delete members;
  • Soon to be added: add/remove apps to the project

If you are a regular member of a project, there’s only one option for you - leave the project.

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