Tadagraph re-launches as Team.FM: open-source + social + co-working

Team.FM - Social network for web workers re-launched.

Tadagraph began as a simple real-time tool for micro-messaging collaboration a year ago. Our ultimate goal was to combine the social and the collaborative into one platform. Today, we have succeeded. Welcome to Team.FM.

Team.FM is the social collaboration channel and co-working hub. Built around micro-messaging, with simple markup language, amazingly real-time, extandable and social. For your projects, for companies, offices, or just for your personally.

Introducing pricing model: The Good, the Great and the Awesome.

Subscriptions & apps marketplace

  • There are several subscription packages available with bundled applications for your projects.
  • Additional apps are available through our Apps Marketplace to customize and improve your project workflow even more.
  • We also plan to introduce the value-adding paid subscriptions for Teams and Locations shortly.

Check out the subscription plans and initial apps.

Team.FM - Subscriptions & apps marketplace

Remains free.

  • The personal space, teams and locations are free.
  • You can also install any app into your personal space for free.
  • Participating in any project you're invited into is absolutely free too.

In fact, we have pre-installed quite some apps into your personal space already. Enjoy.

Also free.

In appreciation of your support, and tolerance of our pesky bugs while in beta, all current projects and apps will remain operational with no charge.

Better than free - open-source.

Tadagraph isn't gone - it's open-source. Yes, we open-sourced the core of our system, the micro-messaging with markup, and will keep its name - Tadagraph. Go grab it on GitHub.

There is even an instruction there how to export data from your Team.FM spaces into stand-alone copy of Tadagraph.

Team.FM - Better than free - open-source!

New amazing social features.

We know we owe you quite a few blog posts on what was introduced on the collaboration side of Team.FM lately. will try to make it up shortly. Here are the bigger announcements of social goodness.

Social CRM.

You probably keep track of your contacts in an address book. At Team.FM, your personal space is not only a place to keep track of things to be done but also a social CRM - you can keep track of your interractions with your contacts and network.

Your profile & people following.

I know filling out your profile hurts. We've made it even worse - you have to add information field-by-field. But, it's for the greater good. You have field-by-field privacy control over your profile - you can set who from your contacts sees what.

When people follow you, they add your profile to their address book and share their contact data with you. You may update your profile and all of your connections will receive the updated information right away.

Pull vs. Push on social data.

With the massive amount of content being pushed at you from various social platforms, we decided to give you the choice to do just the opposite - to pull from your contacts. For example, as your contacts add web links, you'll be auto-subscribed for feeds from their links and can unsubscribe any time.

As in any CRM, you can add private fields for your contacts. Extrapolate it to links, and make great use of it. Even if people didn't add it themselves or are not yet on Team.FM at all.

Team.FM - Pull vs. Push on social data

Team Extranet.

Teams receive a public channel in addition to intimate private space they had. We call it "gazette" because it resembles a newspaper . Once you claim your team and become its administrator, you will be able to publish pieces from your internal social space to the world with just one click.

When "the world" includes future hires or potential customers, this is a great way to introduce the life of your team. Corporate blogging isn't nearly as effective or social as Gazette for these purposes.

Teams follow teams.

Well, this is kind of a big deal. As a team's administrator, you can follow other teams; customers, producers , or just friendly companies in your town. The public messages of the teams you follow will be delivered to all your team members (and it means all your public messages will be delivered to all your followers too).

As an individual, you can follow teams too, by the way. But I want you to go figure it out yourself.

And just couple more housekeeping announcements

Photo of the day contest.

We decided that the best way of thanking our customers is to give these awesome people creating amazing things the front stage. So, you may get the home page of Team.FM if you win the Photo of the Day contest.

Visit the contest page to learn more.

Voting for features, feedback & support.

  • Voting for features will be done on Team.FM's Facebook page (in disscussions area).
  • Our support email address has changed to support [at] teamfm.com due to our name change.

Thanks a lot for being with us. I hope you enjoy the wild ride we are about to partake on. And don't hesitate to leave your comment below. Well, you know, to give our team a hug or something.

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About Team.FM

Team.FM is social collaboration platform for distributed team work based on open-source micro-blogging tool Tadagraph.

Team.FM gets projects done, ideas generated, teams united and active. You may use it alone or share with a group: get personal CRM & GTD or participate in a number of one-off projects, be a part of your company' s social live and presence or discover the networks around co-working spaces.

And the best part of it - Team.FM is mostly free to use. Check it out.

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