3-2-1, go! We're open! Tadagraph for projects, teams, locations & ftw!

Come in! We're open!

Hey you guys,

It's the big day for Tadgraph today. After 3 months in private beta, Tadagraph for distributed collaboration and socializing in private micro-messaging spaces goes open! Yay!

In case you missed our updates, these are the big stuff we have in Tadagraph at the moment:

Our architecture assumes plug-able apps for each space, and we keep working hard to make more of it available for you shortly. We also hold several surprises in our sleeves which will pull out within next couple weeks.

So don't hesitate, go check it out, try it and let us know what you think.

Should you have must-have features before you could switch, let us know and we'll make sure to prioritize. We'd keep informing about new stuff coming out in our blog here. So stay tuned!

Happy graphing,

Ivan Paramonau.
CEO & Co-Founder of Itteco

P.S. Our small team resides on 3 continents, in 5 countries, 6 cities, and it's just 7 of us overall. In my past 10 years of project management experience of all kinds, I never met such amazing productivity within a team. It's all because of Tadagraph, so I wish you the same!

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