Location Spaces: Discover Co-Working Spaces with Tadagraph Micro-Blogging Way

What is a Location Space?

Location space is a great way to keep in touch with your fellow co-working friends. It’s very similar to Team Spaces, but is built not for one team, rather for a group of people, who work in one co-working location.

Location Spaces are very similar to Teams Spaces and consist of the Flow application and Location specific widgets in the right sidebar.

Location Space

  1. Flow view — Flow is by default the only space available for Locations Spaces.

  2. User zone — You can quickly access and filter Flow with @username menu, add and find locations.

  3. Location zone — You can check out of a specific location here and view quick info.

  4. Members — Co-working location members are shown in this widget. Use it to quickly figure out a nickname to mention a particular user.

How to find a co-working location in you area?

Once you are on Location Space page you’ll see a map with Locations pins. Clicking on any of them will bring up location details.

How to find a co-working location in you area

  1. Locations Space Bar — Navigate between your favorite locations and add new locations here.

  2. Search — You can refine your search and zoom in the map on an area of your particular interest.

  3. Location Pins — Each location is shown as a pin on the map. To bring up details of the location click on Location details in the pop-up bubble.

Co-working location details page

Co-working location details page

  1. Co-working details — Each co-working location has a details page, which will help to figure out location type*, contact details, hours of work, etc.

  2. Check-in button — To check in the co-working location of your choice simply press the check-in button and we will add the relevant location to your list.

How to add a new co-working Location Space?

You can add a new Location Space either from Spaces menu via + add new link, or visit Locations view and click Add location from there.

How to add a new co-working Location Space

  1. Start by clicking + add new link in the Spaces menu;

  2. Select Location from the list

  3. Fill in the Location details and press Add button. You are good to go.

Please note, that at the moment we only support public locations, so anyone will be able to check in. We’re working on face control possibilities for locations.

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