How to export your Team.FM data. Basics of CouchDB replication

With Team.FM, it is super easy to export your data at any time. You would be able to use your data with our open-source version Tadagraph, or plug database to any other system you like.

Team.FM (and Tadagraph) is built upon CouchDB, so with export we give you the entire database, based on native replication mechanisms of CouchDB.

Export, Import data from Team.FM to Tadagraph

Here are the steps of how to export your database to local version of Tadagraph:

  1. Install CouchDB to your local machine (or if you want to use opensource version, please follow this instructions on how to install Tadagraph)
  2. Once CouchDB is installed, go to CouchDB utilities http://localhost:5984/_utils/ page Login to Couhdb, create database
  3. Signup or login as database administrator
  4. Create a database where you want to replicate your data
  5. Go to the replicator page: http://localhost:5984/_utils/replicator.html
  6. Choose “Remote database” in “Replicate changes from” section and URL to your database private database, project database, team database or location database.

    Replicate CouhDB database
  7. You are done. You have successfully imported your data to your local machine. You can view your data http://localhost:5984/_utils/database.html?mydb You can transform your data as you need via CouchDB views. If you have installed Tadagraph, you can also work with your data via the following URL: http://localhost:5984/mydb/_design/core/index.html
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