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Pivots module is a digital replacement of stickies whiteboards of agile processes. It introduces milestones (2 level hierarchy) and is fully loaded issue tracking system.

Team.FM tosses in its markup madness! Ticket types are hash tags, and so are the ticket statuses. You are finally about to start speaking plain English to your issue tracking system.

On the UI, Pivots module is represented by a number of whiteboards, linked to a milestone (which many people call Pivots and drink a shot each time they hear this word).

A whiteboard consists of the number of customizable buckets and the backlog. When you add the bucket, you just specify the query and we’ll show all tickets matching the criteria and linked to milestone. You can hide buckets any time and also filter the whiteboard by ticket owner or other hash-tags assigned to tickets. Except for default buckets, all other settings are for the user only. In other words, you don’t share the buckets you create with others.

The tasks estimation is in complexity points. You will see “?” if the task wasn’t estimated yet.

Needless to say, whiteboards are real-time and all updates are delivered to all viewers instantaneously, making sprint planning and daily stand-ups a breath.



#N, where N is integer - Pivots module introduces automatic numbering for the tickets. You may use #123 (ID of a ticket) in your messages to make it link to the ticket. For example, you can link source code pushes to the tickets (and also change its status if you want!).

#started, #finished, #delivered, #cancelled - ticket statuses. Replying with these tags in a message to a ticket will put the task in the corresponding status.

#inprogress is the synonym for #started, #done - for #finished.

#task, #bug, #feature, #enhancement - ticket types.

$Ncp where N is integer from 1 to 8 is in reference to the complexity points of the ticket. If you mention $4cp in your message, the ticket will be created with the CP field set to 4.

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