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Calendar App will consume all messages with filled Due Date field. Just hover the message, select Edit of the message and set Due Date.

Calendar app is not a traditional grid-view calendar. It lists the tasks chronologically with the possibility to go back and forward week-by-week, however the focus is on Get Things Done approach:

  • ASAP & Late section gives all overdue tasks,
  • Up Next is the normal flow of tasks,
  • Later are the tasks, marked to be done later,
  • Optionally, you can indicate that you’re waiting somebody else.

As in To-Dos, you can change the owner of the task (“owner” in private space indicate for whom you have to do this task for your CRM purposes).

The Calendar App will add widgets Due This Week to sidebars of your spaces.



#asap - will assign ASAP status to the message/task

#later - will put the message/task into the backlog

#waiting - just adds this tag and makes it easy to find such dependendices in Calendar

#today, #tomorrow, #thisweek, #nextweek, #thismonth - will set due date to end day of corresponding period

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