CRM. Contacts list & e-mail bridge. Gives spacename@teamfm.com email address.


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A contact manager for you and your spaces. The app also gives the e-mail address to the space it is installed in and allows people from the contact list (including space members) to send emails into the space (like project or your personal space).

This app is pre-installed in your personal space as Team.FM suggests social sharing of the contacts. If you be-friend a person and mutually share contacts, we will keep it in sync and also allow direct messaging, including broadcasting to a group of contacts.

If you install this app into a project space, you will be able to add e-mail contributors to the project, such as your clients. You will be able to send them e-mails from within your project space and receive replies back right into project’s flow.

The e-mail addresses are:

  • yourusername@teamfm.com - for your personal space
  • projectslug@teamfm.com - for your project (check the URL of your project, it is not always the same as project name).



#dm @recipient - sends a direct message to the recipient(s) mentioned in the message. If recipient doesn’t have an account with Team.FM, the message will be delivered via e-mail.

#dm [Group of Contacts] - works in your personal space to send a broadcasting message to the entire group of your contacts.

#email - works the same way as #dm, except it sends messages via e-mail.

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